Our Clients Through Years

Valdrin Sahiti

Valdrin Sahiti Official is a national and international luxury – fashion house that produces evening, wedding dresses and man suits. 

VS started this journey in 2005 creating different outfits for all ages and everyone. While growing more and more, he found himself a Celebrity Designer, wearing Albanian showbiz and extending even beyond. 

From 2018 VS expanded in the USA, Middle East, West Africa, and Europe. The Company’s Vision is now expanding into every continent.

Services: Website, Design.

Nu Icons

NU ICONS offers consumers, Fashion obsessives, and industry insiders, hard-hitting and on point journalism, comprehensive beauty, shopping and trend content, and runway coverage that is carefully curated and delivered through an unfiltered lens 

Services: Website, Design, Email Marketing.

Bagolina Eatery

Bagolina brings authentic world gastronomical experiences to the heart of Prishtina. Delightful to the taste buds and eyes alike, our delectable dishes are made of the finest ingredients. A new, breathtaking place to start your day with a hearty breakfast or brunch, savor a different lunch menu, or find out the meaning of an elevated dinner experience. A vivid venue for your happy hour and socializing over cocktails.

Services: Website, Email Marketing

Tillt Radio

We are an online community Radio Station, Vinyl Bar, Record Store & Online Magazine, streaming 24/7 from the heart of Prishtina (Kosova)

Services: Website, Online Radio Streaming

3x3 Prishtina

3×3 Prishtina is a streetball tournament that combines the culture of basketball, hip-hop and street style in one.

Services: Website, E-Commerce, Face filters (IG)

T - Bone Steakhouse

T-Bone Steakhouse specializes in giving you the best barbecue experience along with a large selection of fantastic wines. 

Our focus has always been to serve quality food and drink to provide our customers with a unique experience. 

With skilled chefs and service-oriented waiters, we have managed to create joy for our customers.

Services: Website

Shqip Hop

Shqiphop is the site where you can know everything about Albanian Hip-Hop around the world.

Latest news, interviews, exclusive photos, stories, and even live radio OnAir with the best Albanian Hip-Hop.

Services: Website, Online Radio Streaming


Lokacionet.com is a platform that promotes the culture and beauties of Kosovo.

This platform shows history’s current state and past by linking it to tourism and its growth.

Services: Website, Event Calendar, Branding, Design, Marketing

Ku Me shku sonte?

Ku me shku sonte is a local platform that shows places events and thing to do while you stay in Kosovo. Its main focus its promoting nightlife and entertainment.

Services: Website, Event Calendar, Branding, Design, Marketing

KIDPRENEURSHIP - Think. Design. Create.

This project aims to integrate social entrepreneurship within educational institutions, where students will be prepared to conceive, conceive, design, produce and sell relevant products.

Services: Website

Independent Media Network

Services: Website

Brew Glitter Kosovo

Brew Glitter is  edible glitter for cocktails, beer, wine coolers & other liquors & spirits! 

The only edible glitter that is vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, Kosher certified, Halal certified, and uses only FDA-compliant ingredients!

Services: Website, Marketing

Gambini Cafe

Gambini is a cafe that not only provides coffee, cookies, and fresh juices but also adds a great mood to your daily routine.

Services: Website

Zemra farm

At Zemra Farm, we build, work and live in harmony with nature, we are at the service of others and inspiration for new techniques of farming and living bio life.

Services: Website

Beauty and Unique

Beauty and Unique is a project that aims to showcase the beauty of the daily things that we take for granted and their uniqueness. The project just like the name aims to inspire to Be You!

Services: Website, Branding

Element Studios

Element Studio is a startup offering design services – UI/UX, Branding, Design, Motion Design, Animation, Illustration, etc.

Services: Website

Etea NGO

Non-governmental organization ETEA, headquartered in Pristina, was founded in the end of 2014, with the aim of public education through cultivating a reading culture and improving the state of pre-university education in Kosovo.

Services: Website

Project sticker

Project Sticker is a project that aims to make a collection of stickers from different companies, organizations, people, or whatever it is from around the world.

Services: Website, Branding

The huntsman

The Huntsman is a local business offering: courses for foreign languages, and preparation for exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT. The Huntsman also offers headhunting and recruiting services for different companies.

Services: Website